where to begin before pro-fighting?

Singles is where beginner fighters should begin before moving up to pro-fights. it is less violent and intense that will teach the fighter weapon skills and pacing through rounds, building the experience needed before advancing to pro-fights.

                                battle of the nations Singles 

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wmfc pro-fights

our club associated with the wmfc... ‚Äč

the journey for our pro-fighters

before any fighters jumps into pro-fights, they must first train and show themselves to be ready  to begin. 

wmfc fighting is similar to ufc, but it is in full armor with steel weapons. the fighter will need to be able to endure and pace themselves in every round. it is the next step from singles.

wmfc Training

Beginner level training

this phase is focused on the basics of fighting and practicing in foam kits. fighters will have to show their steel.


weapon basics

fighting technique




tactical development

foam kit practice

advance level training

this next phase is moving beyond the basics.


advance weaponry

‚Äčaggression development

endurance development

rail fighting techniques

poly/foam weapons/medium armor practice

professional level training


MMA training

brutality instillment

arena mastery

grappling mastery

endurance mastery

weapon mastery

steel/poly/foam  practice