Tier Level Trials

Orange County Buhurt League

Our Weekly Training




All fighters are expected and responsible for their own physical conditioning and consistency in participation and training. We will not take blame if a fighter is inconsistent with practice, lacks participation, and remains in poor physical condition. This is not a sport for the weak at heart. It takes a strong will and determination to win. This is one the most challenging fighting sports around.


No one is forced to compete, participate, or go into a match that one is not willing to do. With that said, every one should hold themselves accountable to their teammates and team. Be someone the team can count on to be there.

All injuries should be reported to the team captain and inspected. No fighter should hide an known injury that has been received recently or during a tournament. The captain will advise pending on the injury.

Main Practice

Main practice is coming together and testing our skills out, developing, and improving as a team and unit. It may be soft or full kit, or both even. There are a lot of things we may work on prior to the main practice, but the main focus of practice is to test our might.

Weekly Training

Weekly training days are designed to enhance personal skills. Specific days will work on grappling and hand-to-hand combat, weapon skill development, fighting techniques, physical development, and anything needed to be work on for others.

Video Training and Instructions
Video will eventually be completely up on helping training others to begin their journey and understanding the sport. Anyone on the team will be able to study the video and learn on their own whenever they have the time. This will hopefully enhance newcomers learning speed and ability to train themselves.

Monthly Challenges
There will be monthly challenges in time to help push and motivate fighters to continue to train harder. These will be posted in time.

Tier 1 – 

Fighter must be able to last 10 minutes in soft kit continuous fight.


Tier 2 – 

Fighter must be able to sustain themselves in a 15 minute soft kit fight and 5 minute armor continuous fight. Both challenges will be separate days.


Tier 3 – Fighter must be able to endure a 5 minute full intensity soft kit match and be able to last 10 minutes in an continuous armor match that meets a satisfactory level of performance.
Tier 4 Fighter has to be able to last 20 minutes in a armor combat match at satisfactory level and be able to fight in a brutality match for 5 minutes.

Our Training Standards

Every training scenario has a purpose designed to help teach and test fighters to know themselves in where they need to grow, how to grow, and how they've grown.

We believe that training needs to be aimed to be challenging and more physically demanding than the tournaments. If training is harder than the actual competition, the competition becomes easier to handle.

Safety is our priority in training. We put safety first and want to make sure that all precautions are taken before practice. Poor safety can lead to injuries, and injuries lead to setbacks. We want to give every opportunity for fighters to grow, rather than take unnecessary risk.

All fighters will be taught the very basics of weapon handling, armor, and shields. They will be taught how to stay aware, breath, and alert. We teach our fighters how to properly strike, grapple, and defend themselves. Our aim is to give each fighter the confidence and knowledge in being an effective and proficient fighter, avoiding bad habits from growing.

The key of success is consistency and honest reflection. Being inconsistent will hinder growth. Fighters must strive to discipline themselves to their own training and showing up to practices that will help challenge them to grow. The other key is for the fighters to be able to see and understand in where they need to improve. Being able to honestly admit their faults and weakness to recognize the need to grow.

Fitness Program

We do offer fitness develop programs and training for those at all levels. Our fitness is focused on building a fighters strength, endurance, and intensity to be able to begin handling the demands of the sport. To begin a fitness program, contact the team captain and consult the needs, desire, and evaluation.

All training programs training are kept by officers and managers. They are not published on the website. We only release minimal details.

Basic Training

We focus building a strong foundation for fighters and teaching the basics. The better one understands the basics, the greater and faster they'll grow in improving their techniques and adaptation to the sport. Our basics teaches the fighter how to confidently use the weapon, how to grapple, how to be aware, and how to respond in situations. We'll go over teaching a lot of scenarios to help fighters make better decisions on addressing them to successfully overcoming those obstacles. 

Advance Training

​When entering into advance training, fighters will be placed up to new challenges to test their ability and push their growth. They should be comfortable and have a strong understanding of the basics before going into advance training. 

Personal Training

We do offer personal training, coaching, and fighting among members to help focus development and growth. Please contact your captain to inquire more information.