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About jonathan hmb's journey

i have been apart of historical medieval battles since 2015. I competed in three world championships back in 2016, 2017, and 2018 for team usa. my medieval background comes when i was a young teen at age 16. i was involved with a group called Adrian empire for a few years, and I did jousting when i was 18-19. when i was 20, i joined the marine corps.

as a leader, i care for the success of team and the care of every fighter on the team. i will make a lot of sacrifices and effort to lead the team.

as a fighter, there is one thing for certain; nothing comes easy. competing in the high levels of this sport will require commitment and discipline. it has to be made to become a big part of your life and training in order to do well and succeed. if one wants to be the best, one must train to be the best. I have seen a mentality rising up in society that expect things to happen as they want without effort. this couldn't be farther from reality. we have to decide and push ourselves to be better fighters than everyone else. it requires sacrifice and effort to make it possible, and it does not guarantee victory. its a tough road, but it is a rewarding and fun experience none-the-less.

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jonathan desalvo