Orange County wolfengarde

steel buhurt

full steel fighting is one of the most intense combat a melee fighter will compete in or an audience would get to watch. the clash of steel against steel intensifies the sound of battle on every blow.  the roaring of the crowd and the shock of crushing blows. this is where fighters will have to push beyond their comfort zone and rely on their tactics and teamwork to overcome the challenges that they will face.''

fighting in steel increases risk of injury and damage of armor, so we do not practice with steel weapons in most of our practices due to safety and increasing armor life substantially. armor can be expensive and practicing with steel weapons will decrease the life of armor pieces, which will increase cost for each fighter. it would be higher maintenance to every fighter as well. 

every outside  hmb/wmfc tournament we go to will be a steel competition. anyone wanting to compete in those tournaments have to be prepared to overcome any fear of being struck by a steel weapon. Armor protects very well, and many newcomers are surprised on how little damage they will feel when being struck.

Full Steel Buhurt