What fighters will learn

all fighters will learn the basics of medieval martial arts without the worry of heavy armor.  fighters will be taught how to use their body mechanics, weapon skills, footwork, and grappling. they'll be involved in single fights and multiple team battles. fighter will learn how to fight being out numbered. 

fighters will grow in confidence of their skills and abilities. this carries on to their personal lives and helps give them boldness in others aspects.

soft buhurt is a safer and cheaper way for people to compete than steel fighting. it inolves full force strikes, punches, and grappling with similar steel fighting rules. the only thing we do not allow is kicking. fighters can compete in singles, 5 on 5, and mass battles.

there can also be team wars that include striking as out instead of taking an opponent to the ground.

is this larp?

no, this is not larp. larp is a live action role-play group that play as certain characters. medieval combat is not related to larp.  here we apply medieval combat fighting and is focused on it. the only difference is the equipment being safe in soft foam to help prevent injuries.

orange county soft buhurt

wolfengarde soft buhurt

Orange County wolfengarde

orange county soft buhurt

the goal

we wanted to create a safe and easy way to help get people involved into our sport without all the worry about armor fitting correctly and cost. soft buhurt allows the community to openly jump in with little experience and have a lot of fun with the team and enjoy watching the fights. 

the battles

the the battles will be held in arena of sort with an audience welcome to watch. tournaments usually last 5-6 hours in a day starting with singles and into the mass battles.

the teams

we have a standard red and blue team which are all apart of the team. the more we grow in competitors, the more teams we will have. every team has a captain to help lead them and prepare them. teams will also have names to represent, but all teams are still under wolfengarde.


singles is our standard 1 on 1 fight. it is based on points and individual progress.