our rules

loaner gear rules

‚Äčall loaner gear must be respected. every fighter is responsible for the gear he or she borrows. if anyone borrows gear for practice, it must be accounted for after practice.

never leave any gear out in the open. all gear must be placed in the fighter's specific pile.

loaner gear for tournament use must sign a contract and pay any dues required.

armor does not guarantee safety. 

if loaner gear is lost or stolen, it is up to the one responsible to replace or pay for it. if armor is severely damage, it must be explained, and user has to fairly compensate for the damage.

avoid placing shields down on the painted side.

do not wear a helm in any situation that does not properly fit. 

never modify any loaner gear without approval, exception of broken straps.

if user wants to buy the loaner gear, price must be able to replace another set.

for more updated information, go to  http://botn.info/en-rules-regulations

hmb rules

All members are expected to conduct themselves in a honorable and safe manner. Poor sportsmanship and unsafe practice will result in disciplinary actions. During competitions, practices, or other events, everyone must obey and listen to their higher authorities. If any complaints or disagreements should occur, please bring it to your captain or leader to discuss. Leaders are the only ones allowed to bring disagreement to a marshall at a tournament. Rules will be instructed before a practice and tournament. Follow those rules or risk being removed from participating in it for everyone safety.

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