Orange County wolfengarde


there are four roles that we have designated for our team. each role has a specific duty and strategy that they'll need to master and perfect. understanding roles are essential for group melee success


the main force of the team is the scrapper. the scrapper is normally  a sword and shield who does a lot of up close and personal fighting. scrappers main focus is to take down opponents by either grappling or brutality.


tanks are people in highly protective armor who can take a lot of hard hits and handle multiple fighters. the tank is strong rail fighter who can occupy as much fighters as possible to better help the odds.


a runner is a fast mobile and enduring fighter. runners try to flank, cause confusion and chaos, counter, and lure. Runners need to have strong awareness  as they'll be doing a lot of open field work


‚ÄčStrikers are hard hitters, who are primarily, 2h or polearm users. their goal is to put fear of pain into their opponents and hammer them to submission. they are an assisting role that usually helps a scrapper or tank.

roles and classes


classes are based on specific armor and roles. every fighter fits a certain class to help fill a team's needs.

assault class

the assault class contains the roles of scrappers and runners. they are the primary aggressors.

defense class

the defense class contains the tanks and strikers. they are the primary defense.