Orange County wolfengarde

other special rank system

​the mark of the white hand

those who bare the mark of the white hand are members who have passed the extreme trials and challenges of berserker training to earn the mark. 


optios are the team captains chosen man to be his second.

knight champion

a knight champion is a knight who has bested in a specific category in singles on the team.


every knight is permitted to have up to three squires at a time. squires figure out times with their knight to do more training outside regular training. it is the faster route to knighthood.

rank structure

Team overseer, manager, and leader

Team Captain:
Chosen by the Imperator to help lead and manage a team.

usa knight
competed o the usa team in the world championship, battle of the nations, and was knighted in the order.

Knight Veteran:
Seasoned Knight in the sport who has competed in several tournaments

A knighted team member of the sport. who has shown to understand the basics and owns a personal hmb qualified armor set.

Official member who has not been knighted.

Recruit has expressed interest in becoming a full member and is on the ropes of deciding if the sport is for them or not, but they are still

participating in the training.