Orange County wolfengarde

Our training programs

We offer from group classes, personal training, and double personal training

group classes offers opportunity in competing among other individuals. it's usually a cheaper way to get into training, but it will reduce a personal focus on the individual and more on a whole group. the class training will have bigger battles involved in it and plenty of fun activities.

personal training offers better 1 on 1 training focus in developing the trainee as a whole. it will rapidly increase the fighters skills and prevent any bad habits from setting in due to the ability to correct immediately. personal training is a fast way for someone to quickly  advance beyond others.

double personal training is the same as personal training but with another person. reduces individual cost and will have the trainer work on both fighters. the benefit of this can be the trainer more focused in observation of the two competing rather than trying to fight and observe; however, it still takes away the 1 on 1 focus, but it is a good way for couples or close friends to develop and save cost.

Training programs