Kyle Adamo

Physical Conditioning Coach and Trainer

Kyle has been involved with team since 2016. He is a personal training instructor, training assistant, and adviser to the team.

Kristopher Kody

Assistant Trainer

An HEMA practitioner, Kris has been involved with team since 2016. Kris is our Longswordmen expert.

Team Leaders



Jonathan DeSalvo

Team Founder, Manager, Trainer, and Team Captain

Jon was a former fighter in Adrian Empire and Jouster. He has been involved full armored combat since 2015. 


Tier II Fighters

  • Kris Kody
  • Kyle Adamo

Christopher Gardner

Secondary Team Captain

Chris has been apart of team since late 2017. He fought in the SCA before coming into the sport.

Jonathan Schinowsky

Co-Manager and Coordinator.

Jonathan has involved in the sport in 2016. Since then, Jon has been more involved in helping manage and grow the team.

Anaheim Armored Combat Team

Tier IV Fighters

Tier III Fighters

  • Brandon Knight
  • Christopher Gardner
  • Jonathan DeSalvo

Tier I Fighters

  • Kaitlin Lanning
  • Kaveh Imandoust
  • ​Joe Conaty
  • Jonathan Schinowsky
  • Johnny Gomez
  • Joshua Markell
  • ​Levi Jaen
  • ​Simon Stone
  • Zachary Burge
  • ​Zachary Hart