​The LARP Legion

The purpose of the LARP group is to create a fun and safe environment for all people to come enjoy without the risk of injury potential from the Buhurt sport. We are, however, bringing the next level of foam combat in increasing the intensity of it. Full force strikes, thrust, and head strikes are permitted in our group. We do, however, provide the necessary protection for it.

Our Legion offers all the gear needed to fit into the legion and will fully equip most players to a reasonable exception. Our full Legion armor is designed to protect most of the body of legionnaire while maintaining mobility.

The Legion holds divisions:

  • ​​​The Legion - Who holds the front line of the battle with a mixture of units using scutum shields.
  • The Devastators - Those who use polearms, greatswords, longswords, and great axes.
  • ​The Knight Wolves - Well trained and chosen warriors knighted in Wolfengarde.
  • The Wolves Huntmen - Those who choose range weapons.

The Soft Buhurt League

The soft league is designed to provide a cheap and safe way for people to quickly get involved and continuously be involved in the sport. It helps those who are not ready or desiring steel fighting to still participate and get into a serious competition. Here fighters can challenge themselves and experience intense fighting, build the skills they'll need, build friendships, and build a reputation.

The League holds the same competitive categories as the normal steel fighting. There are different rules for safety as people are fighting in less protective gear that does not protect against all things like the kicks, punches, etc...

The Categories are

The Melee: 3-5's, 10-12's, and mass melee

Singles: Sword/shield, sword/buckler, longsword, and polearm


Teams of participants for the melee will be discussed how to be chosen by randomization or balance before the matches begin. Everyone will be briefed and reminded on the rules and goals of the fights before the start of the tournament.

LARP Group

Orange County Buhurt League


We have decided to open a LARP and begin the Soft Buhurt League team. It is still under development, and we are in process of working out all the details of both.