Orange County wolfengarde

the journey to knighthood is no simple easy task. it can't be bought, given, or taken! it can only be earned and never taken!

Here at wolfengarde, we are offering classes and training to teach those who have interest in learning the medieval arts of combat and armor fighting. this academy is separate from our sport league, so students can focus on the martial arts side more than the chaotic fighting styles and methods of hmb.


There will be monthly tournaments students can partake in. these tournaments will involve primarily single fighting to test the students amongst one another and give them a competitive challenge.  these tournaments will be held in the arena and for an audience to watch, including a live stream. a marshall will be present. the rules of the tournament will be explained for each upcoming tournament, and rewards will be dependent on the number of participants. the more that compete, the more value the reward becomes.

tournaments will have a small entry fee for fighters and audience. a raffle contest may be held during the event as well. all competitors will earn marks for their participation in the tournaments they enter; however, winners earn greater marks and honors.


Where can i progress too?

All fighters have opportunities to go into the sport of hmb and compete for a spot on team usa.  competitors can do singles, pro-fighting, or melee.

joining wolfengarde:

any fighter is welcome to try out and practice with wolfengarde main team's practice. all fighters wanting to be on the team must show up for training and hold their own set of armor that is made for the sport level

trying out for team usa

every year, there are tryouts for team usa. fighters must express interest in competing for a spot in a category before the tryouts begin. 


​We offer several class tiers of training for students: Beginner, intermediate, advance, and professional levels. each level has its stages to complete and accomplishments to be able to move up.  the class times range between 2-3 hours per class.

as for private classes, the teachers will progress the student from the basics to the advance. a student will learn from a knight in 1-on-1 sessions for at least 1 hour. it helps student's grasp the knowledge and skills faster than it would in a class. 

what will the students learn?

every student needs to be taught the basics: breathing, footwork, and proper mechanics. without these basics, the students will develop bad habits that will inhibit their progress and possibly cause long term affects. 

every student is taught the values of chivalry, honor, and ethics. it takes more than just being a good fighter to be a good knight.

the fighting will consist of singles work with foam, wood/poly, and steel.

all students will learn the use of all weapons: sword and shields, polearms, longsword, maces, and hammers. students will never fight with steel hammers! 

students will learn about a variety of historic armor around the 13th-16th century.

Physical fitness
the fitness of every student is important element of our academy. we will work with and adapt to students physical fitness levels, but it is best for students to seek physical conditioning. armored fighting can be extremely exhausting for those not accustomed to it or lack time training in the suit.

we do help students physically train, and offer different types of conditioning programs.

the Knight's academy

what will knight's academy to do to improve my life?
The academy helps build confidence in every student's life. it helps develop good sportsmanship behavior and character, and teamwork. the team builds a sense of belonging and purpose. it's a great way to meet new friends, tell amazing stories, and test one's self like never before.

knighthood means a lot and is very difficult to attain. once achieved, it will be something every knight gets to proudly bare.  it is a life changing moment for people who seek it. the academy also opens many doors to the students in the sport if they wish to progress further.