Historical armor

all our armor is based on historical accurate armor. there may be some modifications  made for the safety of the fighter, but overall the armor is projected to the styles they wore between 12th-16th century. all armor must be in the range of 25 years later or earlier.

our club and local us tournaments may not be as strict, but the world championship, battle of the nations, will be restrictive in armor and clothing. best to never waste money on buying the wrong type of armor.

wanting to buy armor?

please talk to the imperator or other knowledgeable fighters before investing into armor. we have plenty of loaner kits for new fighters to try on gear to help avoid wasteful spending and finding the right armor for each fighter. we don't want anyone to spend more then they have too. we are always looking for ways to help each member save money and have safe reliable armor.

don't rush!

never rush to buy armor, especially when new to the sport! figure out first if this sport is right for you. if you like it, then proceed in figuring out what role you fit into and want to be. it will help be a deciding factor in armor. 

what to buy first?

a helm and padded armor. the helm will dictate the rest of your set. if you get a 14th century helm of some sort, you will base the rest of suit around the 14th style of your helm. please, consider on breathing and vision in helm, and discuss on what helm material you want for safety purposes.

padded armor is also very important to get a hold of first. it will add size to you body in measuring for armor. you don't want to take measurements without the proper padding you'll be using.


titanium is very light and strong; however, there are some disadvantages. it is more brittle and will crack over time. you will feel the blows of the strikes more and requires additional protection to avoid injuries in certain places. never buy a titanium helm!!!

tempered spring steel

the body armor you want is tempered spring steel other than titanium. it is strong and lighter than stainless and mild. spring steel will hold up well, or it should hold up well, to intensity of our sport.

where to buy armor?

it all depends on you. we will give a solid list of reliable armor makers or sellers. contact us for the list and the kind of armor you are going for.

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