Orange County Buhurt League

Axiom Fitness

What Can I Do in The Sport?

Every fighter can attend upcoming events if they have shown to be competent with the gear they are using and not a threat to themselves or others. 

As a fighter, you can participate in singles or the melee. You can find more information on singles and the melee in our Information page and discussing it with the Chapter leader on what best works for you. 

Support is always desired. If you don't wish to be a fighter, attend as a fighter, or recovering as a fighter, you are welcome to attend as team support. Support seems to be lacking and always in need. We appreciate all our supporters.

Opportunities will also pop up that will give people the chance to participate in.


What to Expect?

What to expect when you join us? Expect to enter into a new world with new comrades who will watch your back and become like a extended family. You will be notified for the days of training, practice, and upcoming events. You will also be brought into the group discussions and facebook group messenger.

Nothing is required for any new fighter to possess or acquire for showing up to practices and being involved.

Expect to be treated with respect for being apart of this sport, as long as you also remain respectful and honorable in your words and actions.


Wolfengarde is a California Orange County Armored Combat League team.  We are always looking for new fighters to recruit to the team, attending events, and helping the community. Our team has everything most fighters and beginners would need to begin their journey with many training programs that allow any fighter the opportunity to grow as much as one desires. Wolfengarde has taken up the challenge in building a solid foundation in building a strong team and bringing in new fighters to the sport. Our goal is to turn men and women into professional fighters and building good relationships among the team into a brotherhood and sisterhood. 


How to Join

To join us, please go to the contact link and fill in the application, or directly contact Jonathan DeSalvo or one of the members to lead on the path. is Jonathan direct e-mail.

You can also go to our Facebook page and get connected there at

The Knight's Academy